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  • The leading eCommerce community in Estonia
  • Promote eCommerce in Estonia
  • Support Estonian eCommerce

About us

The Estonian E-Commerce Association is an umbrella organization that was established in 2008 and whose members work together to solve problems occurring in e-commerce and share their achievements.

The association unites Estonian e-commerce businesses and is the promoter and competence centre in its field. We assist our members, in case of need consumers and the public sector. We keep our finger on the pulse of Internet-based business and look to its well-being according to best practice, high quality standards and fair legislation. Today the Estonian E-Commerce Association has nearly 500 active members from all over Estonia. Since 2016 the association has been a member of the European umbrella organisation Ecommerce Europe.

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Steering the community for over 13 years

The Estonian Ecommerce Association unites Estonian e-merchants and is steering the community for over 13 years. Our mission is supported by the following actions:

  • promoting e-commerce in Estonia
  • awarding the “Secure Shopping” trust mark
  • representing members’ interests in the civil service and law-making
  • conducting surveys for e-commerce businesses and consumers
  • organising an annual e-commerce conference and training
  • initiation and promoting of the “E-Monday” tradition
  • selection of the “E-Act” award winner and recognition of e-commerce achievements
  • organising free monthly morning seminars for members
  • helping to create contacts.


One of our biggest initiatives is E-Monday – 24h shopping day on the second Monday in May and November! More than 200 different e-shops participate and will make the best selling day of the year- it means over 30 000 orders and 5 million EUR turnover. More than 70 000 unique e-shoppers visit the campaign page within 24 hours. We also run a large media campaign and visibility for consumers.

Do You want to participate in Estonian E-Monday campaign?

Find Estonian E-Monday registration page and more information here: